Miles Smayling

Miles.SmaylingHometown, State/Province, Country:  Mankato, MN, USA

Department:  Management




Ph. D. Industrial Relations

Masters Industrial Relations

B.S. Economics



Are you currently doing research in addition to teaching? 

Yes, I’ve recently been doing research about the effects of supervisor and subordinate gender on job satisfaction and job performance. I’ve found the results to be very surprising!

What led you to pursue teaching? 

I taught a couple of classes while in graduate school and I’ve been teaching ever since. I’ve now been teaching for 32 years.

What has been your favorite teaching moment?

When you open up time in class for discussion questions and one question leads to another which leads to more questions. It’s when you can tell that the students understand the issues, care about the effects, and want to discuss them.

When you were younger, what did you envision as your future profession?

I wanted to be an astronaut.

Do you have any hobbies? 

I enjoy fishing. One of my favorite places nearby to go fishing for walleye  is Lake Francis.

Do you have any family, friends, or pets that you share your home with? 

My wife, youngest daughter, and service dog, Einstein.

Can you tell me more about Einstein?

Yes, I waited 3 years to get him. I had to drive all the way  to Columbus, Ohio for a 4 hr. interview and then I had to wait another year. After that, I  drove back  to Ohio for a 2 week, 6 days a week training that had homework every night and a quiz every day. I finally got to bring Einstein back with me, but the center still owns him and if they feel that I am not taking proper care of him, they will take him back.


Book:  Closing of the American Mind

Film: Casablanca

TV Series:  House of Cards

Album/Musician:  Toby Mac

Food:  Ribs

Quote:  “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled.”