Participation Roster 2004-2005

Mentor Student
Jay Abdo
Abdo, Eick & Meyers
Hassan Siddiqi
Major: Accounting
John T. Behrens, Jr.
Minnesota Financial Services
(Financial Planning, Financial Investments, Sales and Marketing)
Michael Ostergren
Future Major: Finance
Scott Bergs
Senior Vice President – COO
Midwest Wireless Holdings L.L.C.
(General Management)
Jeannie Ender
Major: HR Mgmt
Bob Bresnahan
Claims Supervisor
Federated Mutual
(General Management)
Irina Kansakar
Major: International Business
Bradley R. Brolsma
Merchants Capital Resources, Inc.
(Corporate Finance, General Management)
Kelly Anderson
Major: Finance
Laura Strand
Major: Corp. Finance
Brian Carlson
Information Services Supervisor
Federated Insurance
Daniel Kerr
Major: MIS
Dawn L. Courrier
Andrea Lutterman
Major: Accounting
Dennis Findley
V.P. – Finance and CFO
Midwest Wireless
(Accounting, Finance, General Management)
Theresa Kingsbury
Major: AccountingMuhammad Jiwani
Major: Accounting
John Hylle
Portfolio Mangeer
Federated Insurance
(Financial Investments, Corporate Finance)
Imran Hussein
Major: Finance, International Business
Larry Jakobitz
Regional Claims Manager
Federated Insurance
(General Management, Insurance)
Lisa Lukonen
Major: Management
Mark Keefe
PrimeNet Marketing Services
(Sales and Marketing)
Alison Goligowski
Minor: HR Mgmt
Dick Krocak
President and Management Consultant
SOLID Decision
(MIS, Operations Management,
General Management)
Abbas Raza
Major: MIS/HRAlice Tian
Major: MIS
Michael Larson
President and Publisher
Red Hat Enterprises
(General Management, Advertising)
Kimberly Olson
Major: General Management, HR
Heather Ludwig
Human Resources Manager
(Human Resources, General Management)
Emily Toot
Major: HR/Mgmt
Sara Ralston
Major: HR/Mgmt
Rick Mc Cluhan
Express Personnel Services
(Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, General Management)
Hasan Isic
Major: General ManagementPaul O’Regan
Major: Management
Scott Morem
Director National Sales and Marketing
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
(Sales and Marketing)
Tsegyal Sherpa
Major: Marketing
Harlan Moret
First Vice President, Director of H.R.
Federated Insurance
(Human Resources, General Management,
Sales and Marketing, MIS)
Alisha Schuch
Major: HR Management
Tom Olinger
Audit Manager
Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP
Umair Javed
Major: Accounting
Angela Olson
Human Resources Representative
Federated Insurance
(Human Resources)
Gordana Copic
Major: HR Management
Kathleen M. Pytleski
Executive Vice President
Upland Consulting, Inc.
(Sales and Marketing, Corporate Finance, General Management)
John Strom
Major: Finance
Tom Riley
Vice President Customer Operations
Midwest Wireless Holdings
(Sales and Marketing, Operation Management, Public Accounting, General Management)
Shayamini Weeramantri
Major: Accounting and Finance
Daryl D. Schulz
Financial Advisor
Piper Jaffray
(Financial Investments, Financial Planning, Sales and Marketing, General Management)
Syeda Raza
Major: Corp. Finance
Patrick Sanders
Major: Finance
Ryan C. Spaude
Vice President of Financial Planning
KitchenMaster & Co, CPA’s
(Financial Planning, Financial Investments)
Mariam Rizvi
Major: Finance
Jim Tibbetts
Senior Vice President
Cenex Harvest States, Inc.
(General Management, Sales and Marketing)
Michelle Olson
Major: MarketingMelissa Smallwood
Major: General Management
Hank Todd
Vice President Business Development,
Government and Tourism
Carlson Companies Inc
Chandani Gurung
Major: HR Management
Syed Hussain
Major: HR Management
Kent D. Urness
EVP, International, Llyods & Specialty
Commercial Ins. Operations
The St. Paul Companies, Inc.
(Management, Sales and Marketing)
Anna Stahl
Major: General Management
William C. (Bill) Wren
Business Development Officer
Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)
(Marketing, International Business)
Sarah Al-Dahleh
Major: International Business/Spanish