About the Program

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a mutual relationship between an experienced business professional and a student for the purpose of helping the student learn and develop.  The student seeks the advice and support of the more experienced mentor.  The mentor answers questions on topics their student needs to learn more about in order to succeed in reaching their intended career goals.  The mentor provides wisdom, guidance and reference to resources as the student advances their confidence, education and career journey.  The mentor experiences the benefit of paying it forward to the future business professionals and being connected to what’s happening in the education environment for students today.

Program Design

Our experience design is a Progressive Mentoring Program for undergraduate business students.  When we engage students early and often about what’s possible and expected in the world of business, they can explore more options for career choices, make professional networking connections sooner, volunteer as a way to learn and professionally grow at a progressive rate ultimately positioning them for success in the world of business and as engaged alumni mentor for MSU, Mankato College of Business.

Students who are selected to participate will have the opportunity to  learn with one or more mentors during their college years.

Sophomore year:  Making major / career choices, better explaining their experience on a resume, making business networking connections and internship preparation.

Junior year:  Networking, Resumes, and internship preparation.

Senior year:  Fine tuning professionalism and preparing for the transition from school to full time employment.


(from 2013)


I was thoroughly impressed with caliber of the mentee group as a whole, all are looking proactively to be paired with someone they can learn from and are looking to do so on their own time, without credit.  The interaction with my mentee was rewarding and I think we both learned some things that will help us in our chosen careers.  I would highly recommend the opportunity to mentor a College of Business student
– DeeDra Vosburg, Senior Marketing Manager, HickoryTech

The College of Business Mentoring Program was a great experience for me to connect with a current student and help provide her with a professional perspective outside of educators, parents and other mentors.  My mentee and I immediately clicked and enjoyed getting together for meetings and professional development experiences.  It was rewarding to try and help guide her in making important decisions that will ultimately shape her career path and future. I really wish there would have been a program like this when I was going through college!
-Jessica Beyer, Communications Manager & Business Analyst, Blue Earth County

It has been a privilege to participate as a mentor in the MSU College of Business Mentoring Program.  The format provides multiple venues for connecting with my mentee in a professional, comfortable environment.  This is a successful, well run program where there is value provided for both the mentor and mentee.
-Donald Kreye, Business Development Manager, ABDO, EICK & MEYERS, LLP

My time spent as a mentor was one of the best investments I have ever made.  Giving back generates returns far greater than those that can be measured in monetary terms.
-Brian W. Koch, CFA, Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

Mentoring in the College of Business is a fun and rewarding way to meet face-to-face with the next workforce. I gained new perspectives and witnessed the tremendous progress of current students throughout the semester. The students have great insight and are looking to learn the nuances of navigating the real-world. I highly recommend the mentoring experience!
-Caroline McGowan, Owner, Sweet Carolines, LLC

My time as a mentor was a valuable experience.  I was able to share with the students more about my career and the path I took to get there.  It was also exciting to become a resource for answering their questions about various careers paths and really helping prepare the students for their future career in business.
-Brianna Hoffman, Online Marketing Manager, Pear Tree Greetings


My time in the Program was nothing but a delight! I made new great contacts in my chosen field. The Program Coordinator did a great job partnering the mentors with their prodigies. In one word, exceptional!
-Joshua Dada, student, Marketing major

Mentoring has allowed me to hear all about an alumni experience.  I made a great new connection with a local business professional and was exposed to another great industry.  Not only have I built a new relationship, but now I also have a professional as a resource I can go to with questions or ideas.
-Richard Sargent, student, Management major

I found the Mentoring Program at Minnesota State University Mankato to be extremely helpful when deciding on what career path to follow. Having a mentor gave me someone to have discussions with. I could pick his brain about career possibilities and how to take advantage of them. He gave me invaluable advice on internships, interviews, certifications, and more. Having a professional established in the industry to talk to and network with will give me a competitive edge I feel is needed when competing with other business students after graduation. I not only was able to network with my mentor, but other mentors as well. My mentor even set up a meeting for me with a finance professional in NYC. I highly recommend anyone ambitious, no matter the year in school, to join the Mentoring Program.
-Matthew E. Lindquist, student, Finance major

The Mentoring Program is a great experience for any student. My mentor helped me to understand that picking the right major is not something worth stressing about. What is most important is gaining the skills and connections at MNSU that will last for a lifetime of potential success. My time in the program was both educational and fun. This program is a must for any up and coming College of Business students.
-Wesley Otto, student, Marketing & Finance major

I highly recommend every COB student who is interested in getting a better picture of the business world take advantage of the COB Mentor program. The Mentoring Program served as a great way for me to get a better understanding of the business world. My experience in the Program was great and it left me with no regrets.
-James Cooper, student, Marketing & General Management major

My experience with the Mentor Program was educational and helpful. My mentor does Online Marketing. She showed me another side of Marketing I was not familiar with, as well as, a part of Marketing I don’t believe my classes focus a lot of time on. I created a great connection with my mentor. I got to meet some great people in the program and it was great to have speakers come in to talk about their experience of how they got to be where they are now. This is a great program for me to learn from and get hands on advice from someone who was once in my shoes.
-Christa Hurley, student, Marketing major