Mentoring Program

Students in the College of Business have an opportunity to participate in a Mentoring Program with a College of Business Alumni, University friend, or key community partner. The Program is designed to make mentoring accessible for mentors and students alike, allowing participants to connect in person and easily communicate via email or LinkedIn.

How does this fit together?

Our students are the primary focus.  We want them to develop in their business knowledge and skills to be the best future business professionals possible.  They do this in a “community of learning” approach.  Our faculty and staff are the key individuals for providing knowledge and the strategic guidance for students within the university system.  Our alumni and community partners provide time, talent and financial support for our students’ learning.  Our student peers offer student experience testimonials and share ideas for learning options and campus involvement.


The Mentoring Program aligns itself with  the College of Business Strategic Plan.  It will increase undergraduate student participation in internship programs, enhance the professional communication skills of students, and expand the number of employers recruiting our undergraduate and MBA students.