Jon Kalinowski

 Hometown, State/Province, Country: I lived in several places within the Midwest


Department: Management


BS – Management – University of South Dakota

MBA – University of Utah

Advanced Graduate Study – Boston University

Ph.D. – U of Iowa

Do you have any recent scholarly publications? Yes

1.  Application of SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) to Student Satisfaction – w/ Gloria Meng, Dooyoung Shin, Sung Kim

2. Case Study (Noble Inc.) – w/Tim Scott, Paul Schumann, Claudia Pragman, John Kalski

3. Investigation of Women administrators Life Satisfaction in various countries (Slovakia, US, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia) – w/ Rosemary Krawczyk

Are you currently doing research in addition to teaching?

Yes…..have several large data bases with samples from Poland & Czech Republic plus working on a paper w/Meng/Kim/Shin

What led you to pursue teaching?

My Father taught Agricultural Economics for the Federal Government at a Training Center.   He always said that if he could go back he would have chosen to be a professor because he “loved teaching”…..I respected and looked up to him.

What has been your favorite teaching moment?

I’m not sure I can really identify a single most important teaching moment, but I can recall what is/was the most vivid question I received in a classroom.

While teaching in Slovakia on a faculty exchange with several Minnesota State University faculty during the Slovakian transition to a Market Economy, I taught some of the best students I have had in a classroom. One of these students, a young woman, posed a question to me for which I had no answer. This was, “Why do you get to go back to the United States and we have to stay here”? Many of our students have no idea of how fortunate they are to have the resources in education that are at their (our) disposal.

When you were younger, what did envision as your future profession?

Well, I was in the Finance Corp while serving in the Military so I had offers in Banking and Finance.  I had the opportunity before leaving Europe (while in the Military) of teaching several courses in Management and that was when I seriously started thinking about education.

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy doing things….which include golfing, music, movies, hiking, snowshoeing, dancing, working on my cabin, traveling, etc.

Do you have any family, friends, or pets that you share your home with?

I do….I have a pet, Cassie, a beautiful sheltie that “walks” me every day and Rosemary, my closest of friends and partner in life.


–          Book: I’m currently reading “Introduction to SEM – A Beginners Guide” (Geeky I know….but I enjoy reading and thinking about that stuff.)

–          Film/TV Series: I have been watching “Parks and Recreation” – very funny (Ron is probably my favorite character.)

–          Film/Movies: Nebraska (Recent favorite) or Home Alone (Very funny)

–          Album/Musician: Definitely James Taylor

–          Food: Rosemary’s cooking (A great chef and better than anything one can find in a restaurant)

–          Quote:  “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass….it’s about learning to dance in the rain”…….Vivian Green