Course Descriptions

IBE Course Descriptions
The IBE consists of four courses, totaling 12 credits. The first three courses are part of the regular core curriculum required of every COB major. The IBE has set aside specially designated sections of each of these courses as part of the program. To maintain status in the IBE you must enroll (and maintain enrollment throughout the semester) in all three specially designated sections as well as the practicum. The specially designated sections of the IBE are in the following classes.

FINA 362 Business Finance
MRKT 310 Principles of Marketing
MGMT 330 Principles of Management
These courses will be taught during the same block of time, 9:30-2:00 MW in Fall Semester.

The fourth course is the three-credit practicum. The specific course registration depends on your major, as you will register for the 499 course from your department. The practicum will occur immediately after the first part of the IBE, 2:00-3:45 MW in Fall Semester.

Below you will find the descriptions of the four courses in the IBE. Do note that the first four do not have a prerequisite of “Permission”. Nonetheless, for the specially designated IBE sections you will need permission to register.

FINA 362 (3) Business Finance
An introduction to finance relating to problems, methods, and policies in financing business enterprises.
Pre: ACCT 217, Junior Standing

MRKT 310 (3) Principles of Marketing
This course provides a basic understanding of marketing concepts with emphasis on the pricing, promotion, and distribution of need satisfying products and services in domestic and international markets. The format of the course consists of lectures, case discussions, application exercises, projects, exams, and in-class group assignments.
Fall, Spring

MGMT 330 (3) Principles of Management
This course examines basic management concepts and principles, their historical development, and their application to modern organizations. Topics covered include planning, organizing, decision making, leadership, control, and organizational change. In addition, the course includes an introduction to business ethics and social responsibility, human resource management, organizational design and organizational behavior.
Pre: COB Junior Standing

ACCT/FINA/MRKT/MGMT 499 (3) Practicum
An applied course designed to allow students to successfully form, develop, finance, manage, and run their own company. The course is designed to allow students to apply their learning in the other three courses to enhance the firm’s operations.
Pre: Permission, Junior Standing