Corey Alverson

Corey Alverson

Major/Program:  Marketing Major, Business Administration Minor

Job/Position:  Network Assistant

Example of responsibilities:  Provide help desk customer service, work on the COB student portal, create COB publications, etc.

Hometown:  Chester, SD

Desert Island Categories:

–          Movie:  Anchorman

–          TV Show:  Planet Earth

–          Album/Musician:  Beatles

–          Book:  something written by Dale Carnegie

–          Food item:  Spaghetti

Guilty pleasures (junk food, TV show, hobby, etc.):  Drinking soda and listening to Barry Manilow.

Dream Job:  I would love to work as an Action Sports Photographer for GoPro.

Favorite place to hang out in town:  I like to go frolfing (Frisbee Golfing), so the course in town would probably be one of my favorite places to hang out.

Favorite quote:  “Life goes on.” –Unknown