Student Projects

During the spring break trip to Belize, students visit with several local businesses to discuss issues with operating a business in a foreign country. After students return from the trip, they help one of these businesses with a marketing-related issue. This allows students to use their expertise while working on a real-world business related issue. Students have worked with several businesses on issues such as social media, brochures, and videos.

Holy Cross is a K-8 school that teaches students in the poorest part of San Pedro, Belize ( Our students have helped them by creating a flyer and brochure to encourage donations and a video to recruit volunteer dentists.

Holy Cross brochure (Publisher): Holy Cross Brochure

Holy Cross flyer (Publisher): Holy Cross Flyer

Holy Cross Dentistry Volunteer Recruitment Video:

Belize Chocolate Company is a local business in San Pedro, Belize which uses local fair trade chocolate to make some yummy treats ( Our students have helped them with their website, Pinterest page, and created a brochure. You will find this brochure in the local hotels!

BBC Website critique: Belize Chocolate Website

BBC Pinterest creation: Belize Chocolate Pinterest

BBC Brochure: Belize Chocolate Brochure

Maya Bags is a fair trade business out of Punta Gorda, Belize that offers hand-made bags from Mayan women ( Our students created a Pinterest page for the business to help reach their customer base and increase sales.

Go to Pinterest and search for Maya Bags

Mankato Area Fair Trade Town Initiative (MAFTTI) Article: MAFTTI is an initiative to gain participation in fair trade and to education consumers on its benefits in Mankato and other parts of Minnesota. A student wrote an article for MAFTTI reflecting on the Marketing 494 Fair Trade Study Abroad in Belize trip.
MAFTTI Official Website
MAFTTI Article

Connected by Coffee Video Promotion and Event: In collaboration with the MSU Sociology Club and MAFTTI, our students put on an open-to-anyone showing of the film Connected by Coffee.The film follows two North American coffee roasters on a 1,000-mile journey across Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua to listen to the stories of the people who grow their coffee.
Connected by Coffee Flyer

#LetMeTakeaSelfie Promotional Video The Belize experience is full of education, but it is also extremely fun! This video was made by the students of the 2015 class to get other students excited about the trip!
Let Me Take a Selfie Video