Fair Trade Study Abroad in Belize

Prepare to have an unBelizeable experience! Learn about fair trade businesses, entrepreneurship and sustainability in a 3-credit course that includes a spring break trip to Belize!

Students will meet throughout the semester once a week to learn about pertinent issues involving fair trade, sustainability, corporate responsibility and more by reading articles, books, and participating in discussions. During spring break, students will visit fair trade producers in Belize, including several Mayan chocolate producers and have the opportunity to learn about the culture. After returning from the trip, students will use what they have learned to help resolve business issues for a Belizean business.
See what students have to say about their experience:


Student Testimonials:   
“I was surprised at how absolutely in love with Belize I was when we arrived. Traveling out of the country is scary, but I felt safe at all times. It was an amazing adventure! Snorkeling was my favorite. I never thought it would be that cool, but the Belize is like tropical pictures that you see on pinterest but reality. It’s incredible! – Kylie (2014 trip)

“Green luscious grounds, vibrant blooming flowers, and endless water what more can you ask for during spring break. Belize is not only beautiful but traveling there for your study abroad will give you unforgettable memories. Throughout the time of the in-class you will not only become prepared for you trip but you will also be challenged in the way you may perceive the world. Belize allowed me to become culturally sound in my views on life. Signing up to be a part of this experience with give you memories you will take with you for the rest of your life.” – Bridget (2014 trip) Read full testimonial: 2014 Testimonial

“I have not had much time to travel thus far in my life, and being able to do so for an educational experience was worth every penny! I learned so much more with this hands on experience than I ever could from a textbook. This is a course I would recommend for anyone to take, especially any business major, because it really opens up your eyes to so many things whether it be in a business context or not.” – Libbie (2015 trip)

“Going on the study abroad trip to Belize Is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only did I gain valuable insight into the diverse cultures and business practices of Belize, but I also made life long memories and friends. I highly recommend the trip to anyone who is looking to have a life-changing spring break while also earning school credit!” – Carlee (2015 trip)