On Par Connections


The goal of On Par Connections is to create a strong and successful networking environment to help students create professional relationships with employers in their future fields of work.

In the ever competitive business world, building both professional and personal connections is vital. Some people are natural networkers and can easily build connections, however others find it hard or uncomfortable. No matter which category one falls into, it is our group’s mission to create opportunities for students to meet professionals. On Par Connections facilitates both formal and leisure events. At these events we will bring students and business professionals together. Our focus will be around an annual golf tournament, dinners, meet and greets, and field trips to businesses.

How to Join:

Please register for events online at http://www.OnParConnections.org

Meeting Time and Location:

Mondays, 8-10 PM
CSU 204

Membership Fees:


Current Officers:

CEO: Wesley Otto
COO: Jeremy Herkenhoff
CFO: Anthony Ulrich
CTO: Dan Rasmuson
CMO: Mitchell George
CNO: Lester Cherryhomes
CDO: Baylee Obermeier

Contact Information:

Contact us at http://www.OnParConnections.org.



Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Joseph Reising
E-mail: joseph.reising@mnsu.edu
Office: MH 248
Phone: 507-389-5344